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Friday, December 02, 2022  
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Will I have to maintain cash in the ATM?  Depends on the location.  For secure location such as bars, night clubs, hospitals, convenience stores, license bureaus and car wash facilities it makes the most sense for the owner/manager to fill the ATM.  Other facilities like office buildings we make arrangements for that.

How much will my customers be able to access?  Normally the machine are programmed to dispense up to $300 per transaction. 

How much will the surcharge be?  Customer will typically incur a $2.00 charge on each transaction, deducted from their remaining bank balance.  Multiple transactions will mean multiple surcharge revenue.

Will the ATM need to be hooked into our computer system or do we need a dedicated phone line?  Blue Ocean ATMs can run on a wireless modems or conventional phone lines.

Will I need to “service” the machine?  Today’s’ ATM machines are very reliable and durable.  Besides receipt paper there is very little service requirements.

Who Owns the ATM? Many Blue Ocean ATM customers have opted to own the machines outright and retain 100% of the surcharge revenue.  Other locations have chose not to own the ATM and split the surcharge revenue with us. It all depends on the individual situation?

How much do ATMs cost? New ATMs with warranty can be purchased, delivered and installed for about $2,000 plus applicable sales tax.   Used ATMs start around $1,200.  Contact us to see what is right for you.

When do I get paid?  You will be paid your share of the surcharge revenue on or before the 10th day of the month for the previous month’s activity.  Payment will be made via ACH deposit to your bank or by check.

How do I know how the machine is performing?  You will be given access to a website which will allow you to monitor individual or groups of machines on a “real time” basis.

What ATM Cards do the Blue Ocean ATM take? Blue Ocean ATMs take most any card including government issued EBT (electronic benefit transfer).